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Structure for HTML 5!


Hello folks, i have given up trying to understand C++ i think i am quite old and don't have patiece to understand those structures, which are very small.
But lately i have got an interest on HTML5 and i have some video demonstrations to help me out.
I got some material at hand to give me a kich start.
What i want to know , it the fundamental structure of the components like chapter, which i should be familiar, notlike the title and body etc. But the components on how it is layed for one to begina and go step by step.
Hope it is understandable. Can anyone help me out.

That's kind of a broad question. Being a bit more specific would help out.

At a high level, the general concept is to encapsulate content in tags then deal with layout and display issues primarily with CSS. Is that what you're asking?

This is something i wanted, the structure layout, taking one step at a time. Taken straight from
Structure for HTML 5!
Renegade thank you for keeping an open mind.

Brand new book from Sitepoint/Learnable (I think it was released Saturday Wednesday):

Jump Start HTML 5 Basics - If you already have an understanding of HTML, this book is intended to give you a crash course in HTML 5, teaching you the basics in about a weekend. You can preview a sample chapter for free.

DISCLAIMER: I work for the company, but I am not paid to advertise for them. ;)


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