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How to change an html script usingc "list" to instead pull the ites from a folde


I have a scrolling display for some photos that currently is set to have a separate entry coded for each item displayed.  There are only 20 or so.  But the true list is closer to 100 photos.  I already have the section laid out and space allotted for but I need a way to pull those photos as random from a folder full of them (one that will get fuller over time) and scroll them in a vertical display with one going off the top as the next scrolls up from the bottom.  I am also not averse to the possibility of fading one out and another in.  I may have see a Flash script somewhere to do that as well.

It would be nice if I could assign two variables $a and $b to two of therandom photos which would begin the scroll.  $b which would move in to replace $a.  And then $a get replaced with a  new random photo which would itself push $b off the top as it scrolled up.  This would be repeated indefinitely is what I need.

Seemed easy when I thought of it but not so easy in practice.  I am missing something the the part that assigns the variables a photo a think.
Thanks for any help.

Here is a brief answer to yuor question that the <defaultDocument> element allows you to enable or disable default document behavior for your Web site or application. This element contains a <files> child element, which contains a collection of <add> elements. Each <add> element defines the default documents that the site or application will return to a client browser when the site receives a request to the root directory.

that is a new one to me.  I am definitely not a website builder.  I am just trying to modify what is there to meet our current needs.
Thanks for the input.  I will look up the command usage and see if I can use it. 

I have too many things going on at once right now and this is just part of it.  the others are harder.
But I think I have them posted elsewhere on here and I see light at the end of the tunnel.  (Just hope it isn't the train :)


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