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Syncovery/SFFS open to suggestions for support for various cloud services


Difficult (for me) to summarize in the title - try this instead:

In the following days and weeks, we will release support for many new cloud services, including Rackspace,, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. If you would like support for additional storage services or Internet Protocols, please let us know! We now have one developer working exclusively in this area.
Tobias Giesen[from email]
it's not clear where to send suggestions - you could try contact via the site or the forum, links below:

PS I thought this worth a separate thread, but, if you prefer mouser, merge it with another SFFS thread.

Syncovery (Super Flexible File Synchronizer) have extended support to DropBox, Google Drive,, OneDrive and Rackspace.
Per email:

I would like to announce the latest Windows version 6.55 of Syncovery, which supports the following new cloud services: DropBox, Google Drive,, OneDrive, and Rackspace.

I also want to add these to the Mac version but would like to hear from you if you are interested in using these cloud services on Mac.

Services we have been supporting for a longer while include:
Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Docs

In addition, any cloud service that can be accessed via WebDAV, FTP, or SSH/SFTP can be used.

Google Drive is essentially a replacement for Google Docs. It will basically see the same files, so you could simply switch an existing profile over from Google Docs to Google Drive. However, there are differences regarding native Google Docs documents and document conversions. Google Drive has no conversion options. An advantage of Google Drive is that it can retain the Last Modified timestamps of files that you upload with Syncovery. Google Drive also implements the choice of using the Recycle Bin for deleted files or not.

Because Google Drive works differently with converted documents, it may not be able to replace the Google Docs API in some cases. Both options are still available in the protocol selection. When you switch protocols, please check if everything works correctly with manual runs of your jobs before automating them.

Stoic Joker:
Granted I know nothing about this software but after poking around their site a bit I already like them. I'm currently on the fence about exploring cloud based backup options (for ~2TB), so I hit the purchase link to see what the cost of this puppy was. While I was racing for the usual sales/marketing hide the salami game that pervades everything these days. 2 clicks in I found the most unbelievably crystal clear description I do believe I've ever seen. (hopefully that link will work).

Standard vs. Professional editions, it quickly and concisely cuts to the list of what Standard Edition doesn't do, which makes the edition decision painlessly simple ... Why the hell can't everybody do that?

I've been using syncovery since super-flexible days and it's been perfect for syncing production machines with our disaster recovery site. extremely configurable.
while I don't have any suggestions I recommend both the dev & software wholeheartedly.


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