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Directory of folders inside a folder limited by depth showing complete path

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Good deal!!

Now, time to fix that Notepad (ugh!) problem... Grab Notepad Replacer and install it and point it to your notepad++ exe, and you won't have to worry about Notepad Original popping up its ugly head any more...  ;D

Got that too!  Many thanks this is GREAT to finally get something to work right!
I have to start a new topic I guess.  This is a little different.  A problem that a User her pointed me to a great program, I have it all loaded and working as I need it.  But I need a correct htacess format to protect it from outside access.  I will explain in new topic.  But ,many thanks X16.  By the way, I did get the whole batch of UNIX from MS  when I get time, I might go through the rest and see what else might come in handy  :)


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