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Kyrathaba's GoodReads Manager

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The following program will open and read a CSV file exported from your account.

Download link: (4.9 Mb)

* shows total books found on your "Read" shelf
* shows total number of pages for all books you've read
* clickable listview to bring up detailed data on a particular title
* code available upon request for anyone who wishes to further develop this project (see the attached zipped project files)

Requires: that .NET Framework be installed; that you have a valid CSV file exported from Goodreads

The project zip file attached to this post contains the Visual C# Project files for any developers who may wish to examine the code and/or extend the functionality of this application.

Downloads (as of 02/22/2014): 84

@kyrathaba: Thanks! Shall try it out...

looks awesome, i am willing to try this out too.

off-topic: my GR username is the same as here, feel free to add me!

Will it work with a CSV file from LibraryThing?


He'd have to answer for sure, but I'd say probably not.  The only way it would work is if LibraryThing exported in the exact same structure as GoodReads, which is a large improbability.


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