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How to use My Notes?



Q: How to use "My Notes" ?
Q: What are the benefits of "My Notes" over a normal clipboard copy?

Meaning: when I select text, followed by ctrl-c, what may then be the difference between having it in the normal clipboard collection versus 'My Notes'?

I vainly tried to find a hint in the Help-file.


How to use My Notes?

It's just a pre-made group you can use to put things into.  You can make your own groups as well.

The only real difference between it and the Clipboard Old/New group is that the Old/New group optionally (but enabled by default) will move clips from New to Old to the recycle bin over time, to keep things tidy.  No such moves will take place in the My Notes group.

But again, it's just a premade group you can put clips into.  You can make your own groups that work identically.

Do note that there is a button  at the upper left of the Memo panel for creating a new clip (or you could call it "note") in whatever group you are currently in, manually.

There was a point when I was considering making CHS a full-fledged note taking application, so some of the features can be seen in that light.  Having said that, I'd advise against people really trying to make heavy use of it as a note taking app, simply because there are better tools for that.



Reason for asking was that (a bit in line with the context menu add-on post, earlier), I thought  there would be an option to select text from a website,
then use the context menu, select a (currently non existing!) option: Send to My Notes

Then I went on to search for the purpose and also wondered about the differences between the normal clipboard and My Notes   :)

Anyway, thanks again.



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