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Use Start Command to Hide Command Window of .Bat file That Executes


I recently discovered that I can use Frameless to display messages from Windows Task Scheduler by creating an EXE from a BAT file with Dr. Batcher.

1. Create a batch file that displays the desired message in frameless

            For example -

            :: open image with frameless - always on top - show for 10 seconds
            :: the start command prevents the command prompt from displaying - /b=start without creating a new window

            start /b Frameless.exe  "testimage.gif" x=100 y=200 taskbar=no aot=yes duration=00:00:10

2. Run the batch file through Dr. Batcher (or any program that creates an EXE from a BAT file) and produce an executable file.

3. Run the Windows Task Scheduler and (1) create a task (2) Give it a Name (3) Create a Trigger - when you want it to start (4) Create Action to start the EXE you created from Dr. Batcher (5) Run your new task

Now you have the image or animated gif you ran in your BATCH file executed at the specified time in the new EXE file by the Task Scheduler.

Have Fun.

I'm missing something.  I'd like to launch a .chm file using start command in a .cmd file without the telltale command prompt window flicker. Is there a trick to it?

edit: ok, it's the /b switch.  :)

Hmmm, command prompt still pops up.


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