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Am I the only person that has a real big problem with software like this?

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Do you think that you should not know what your child is doing on the internet/mobile?

I could (and probably will... later) say quite a lot on this subject, but let me just say this:
When I was working customer service for Sprint, if I had a dime for every time someone called about a tracking app for their child's phone because they were lost/out with less-than-trustworthy friends/run away/suspected of drug dealing/etc, I wouldn't have needed their meager paycheck.  Well, maybe it wasn't that bad, but still...


I do have a prob with "monitoring" ... wait for it ... kids!

That's right, because it's a kid it's suddenly okay?! Oh look, 18th birthday. You think the power trip will wear off?!

You ask the kid where he's going, you ask him later where he went, and no one really cares the few min in between.

John buys a phone. He owns it. He pays the bills for it. He installs an app on it.

Is anything wrong so far?

He allows his child to use the phone.

Nuff said?

There is some seriously dark, vile, evil crap out there that isn't really appropriate for just about anyone, much less children.

How many 10 year old children aren't curious? I'm willing to be that world-wide you can count them on your left hand and have fingers left over.

How many kids would be interested in "animal snuff movies" if they heard about them? Probably quite a few. After all, who doesn't love animal movies?

Chatrooms? They're always safe places, right? Sure! Only children hang out in kids' chatrooms.

Oh, and spammers and phishers NEVER send text messages to phones that children use. "Click here to SMS 1-900-PAY-MORE and hear from Justin Bieber as he tells you about his drunken exploits. $999 per SMS." No. Those never end up on kids' phones. And kids NEVER click phishing links or anything like that.

I don't think it's a problem for parents to monitor their children - I think it's DUTY to monitor them.


I don't think it's a problem for parents to monitor their children - I think it's DUTY to monitor them.

-Renegade (October 04, 2013, 03:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

If you don't monitor them in some way or another (btw, children are very vulnerable group, as we all know), who are you going to blame but yourself when you get a phone call asking you to go to the morgue to recognize the body of your child that was raped and dumped in some alley?

People are weird. They will always say:"Well, this happens to others and not to me." Guess what? It could happen to you, you know. Better that it doesn't, but it could.


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