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My Gadget Idea: "Timestamper Disc"

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Well i've been looking for an ios iphone 5 / android app idea, so maybe this is a good small one.
-mouser (September 10, 2013, 08:32 PM)
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If you're thinking of an Android app, look into doing it as a widget as I think the general form factor there is pretty well suited to the concept. (Who wants to open up an app? It's just an extra step.)

I found a company that lets you print round stickers, and put different images/text on each one. This would be perfect for printing off 50+ unique QR codes to be used with an Android app:

(They also let you do similar things with business cards, for those interested in doing promotions such as handing out a bunch of unique serial numbers to their product(s) at special events or for certain people.)


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