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it would make me feel more that the program is learning "with" me when simply using it.
--- End quote ---

here's someone who knows how to motivate me.  for a program with the name "robot" in it, you might guess that i want it to feel like it is learning.  so i will indeed try to add this feature.

That sounds very nice!  :Thmbsup:

Hi there,

are there any news regarding this feature? :)


Hi WongKit,

if i interpret all the buzz around the right way, mouser is just right now working an a big new major release of FARR Version 3!

I don't know what new features are planned to be implemented, but i think there is a good chance your idea may make it into it. *Shrug*

I'm sure mouser will reply also to your question as soon as he wake up and have a glance at the forum. :)

Please stay tuned a  little bit more.



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