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iOS7 - iPhone5: My Cody Wallpaper


iPhone 5 iOS7 - Non Parallax lockscreen wallpaper with contact details...preview below...if I get interest I will upload the GIMP 2.8.6 XCF file for those interested... :)

Click thumbnail for big image...
iOS7 - iPhone5:  My Cody Wallpaper

Preview: Click for a big image as well...
iOS7 - iPhone5:  My Cody Wallpaper

Looking good :Thmbsup:
Is there an iPhone 4 edition available as well?

Not at the moment and it probably wouldn't look as good on non iOS7 as if you don't have iOS7 since it has the black transparent background on top and bottom whereas in iOS7 its not there.

iOS7 can be installed on a iPhone 4 (though I didn't do that yet on the iPhone I get to use for work), so just the size/resolution would be a difference

While it can be installed heres a couple articles...

So perhaps those are worth taking a look at before you actually update the iPhone 4 to see if you really want all that stuff.

Note: I also updated main post with a preview...


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