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Export to txt-Import into Excel-some minor flaws

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Noticed that when importing the ExportedClips.txt file into Excel, in column 'A' some date-time settings show up and sometimes something else.

Looks like this



Now what is listed there, like 2013-08-29 03:29:32.598  it does not exist in the CHS database.
Same for the other examples.

They are not in  2274 or 2273 (or 3156/3155, 3221/3220)

It is not a big thing, I can delete it manually.

There may be roughly 7-8 such entries in the entire list.


I need some more information.

I've just done some checking into this, and it appears, to the best i can tell, that CHS *IS* properly writing the csv file, and your import process is not parsing it correctly.

It seems to me, from the screenshots, that the import process you are using is not properly dealing with embedded linebreaks.

But here is how a CSV with embedded linebreaks should be handled, and it seems consistence with CHS:

I can't believe the excel isn't capable of proper csv importing -- but maybe there are multiple options for importing CSV files are you are just choosing an unusual option?

OR, I could be misreading how embedded newlines are supposed to be represented in a CSV file.

Nevermind, i'm writing a whole new export function and i can test on excel and see it's choking on some formats.
I'm fixing.

Ok please try the new beta with completely rewritten CSV export.
Also, see the Backup/Maintenance tab in options for some new csv export options.

Apparently, if the filename has a txt extension, you get a different import wizard which looks like it can do csv but not really.  So half the fix was renaming the file to .csv extension.

One thing I've noted is that I was able to export a clip with = near the beginning of the cliptext, and it freaked out excel and caused that one row to import wrong.  This seems to be excel making an ass of itself and there's little i can do to fix it.

If you figure out a way for me to tell excel to not be so stupid, please let me know.

Good work bill gates and the Excel team -- never content to do things the standard way :down:


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