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Silk Road Seized - Dread Pirate Roberts Arrested

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I hate roads. ;D

DPR is enjoying a nice cup of STFU.

Jackson West
Public Defender Brandon LeBlanc denies all charges, but will not discuss case. Ulbricht will not be taking interviews. #silkroadbust
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^Smart attorney. If 1/10th of the allegations are provable in court, he's got a lot of downside facing him.

Best remain silent even though some recent cases show that our supposed guaranteed "right to remain silent" is being challenged and finessed by clueless judges and devious prosecutors deep in the Heart of Darkest Amerika (i.e. Texas.) Are we at all surprised?.
More here and here.

I hate roads. ;D
-Renegade (October 05, 2013, 12:05 AM)
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So does Doc Brown!


And so the feds have only stoked the fires of substance freedom.

Deep Web Users Are Ready To Launch Silk Road 2.0

In an interesting post-mortem release by the creators of the defunct anonymous marketplace Atlantis there is information that the former admins and users of the Silk Road are planning to resurrect the service. User RR writes: “We have SilkRoad v2.0 ready to launch and is now in its final testing stages. Our site has all the features of the original one and we have kept the same style of forum for your ease.”

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More at the link.

Atlantis post here:

Silk Road Subdued But This Ex-Black-Market Employee Believes Feds Only Woke A Monster

So the gig is up, My two favorite Drug dealers have been taken down in the space of a week, Christopher Tarbell is now the mystery agent who infiltrated Silk Road and can add Dread Pirate Roberts to his list of take-downs which include “Sabu” of Anonymous.

While other sites ramp up server capacity to meet demand and I watch the number of listings on alternative marketplaces such as Sheep and Black Market Reloaded increase at an exponential rate, (Sheep has gone from 500 Drug listings to over 1500 as I write) I can’t help but get the feeling DPR would be relatively happy with the results of his self-professed “economic simulation” as his legion of vendors and customers scramble to re-establish contact on other marketplaces.

There’s also a hint of Karma in the air too, had the Admins behind the failed Silk Road alternative “Atlantis” kept the site alive just two more weeks they’d be swimming in a sea of bitcoins Scrooge McDuck style right now but given the allegations of ex black marketplace employees having hits put out on them maybe I’ll tone down on the criticism and just be glad I was never on the inside.
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More at the link.

And BitWasp here (online BTC marketplace):

It's still not completely ready, but it's in the works.


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