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Cannot delete single clips

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Jesper Hertel:
Oh yes, I found the ClipboardHelpAndSpell.ini file which must be the settings. I will try to delete the database (I have backups) and reinstall and see what happens.

Jesper Hertel:
Okay, I did that: Reinstalled latest version (2.19.01), deleted all ClipTable.* and GroupTable.* files, then started Clipboard Help+Spell. I got a fresh, clean database that way.

Still I can't delete any clips!

So I guess the problem must reside in the settings? Or in some files shared with other programs perhaps? DLL files? Libraries?

Jesper Hertel:
Here is my ClipboardHelpAndSpell.ini file for the normal installation (which does not work).

Jesper Hertel:
And here it is for the portable version that works.

Jesper Hertel:
Hm, when I tried to copy the ClipboardHelpAndSpell.ini for the non-working installed version to the portable version directory, so the portable version would use that, the portable version still works and I can delete clips with that...

So then what can it be?

I would rather use an installed version of Clipboard Help+Spell than the portable one, so that I get the semi-automatic updates through DcUpdater...


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