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Cannot delete single clips

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Jesper Hertel:
I just noticed that I cannot delete any single clips from Clipboard Help+Spell.

I right-click a clip and select "Delete selected clip". The focus then moves to another clip, but the clip I right-clicked is still there.

Selecting a clip and pressing the Delete key has exactly the same effect – or lack of effect.

It doesn't matter what clip I choose – none can be deleted.

Deleting *all* clips in a group works. But deleting a single clip – or a selection of clips – doesn't.

It should work. Pressing the Delete key also works by deleting the clip(s) selected.
As a longtime CHS user, when I find something inexplicable/odd like this happens in CHS, the quickest workaround is to shut CHS down and restart it.
You will invariably find that does the trick and the problem has gone away.

Jesper Hertel:
Sorry for the late reply – I didn't see the notification.

I agree that it should work. :) But it doesn't. Restarting Clipboard Help+Spell doesn't work either. It still won't delete any single clips. Only the "Delete all clips in this group" menu item works.

Odd. Deleting via right-click+delete or via Delete button are usually consistently reliable.

One suggestion left: When I have had "sticky" problems with CHS like this, I use blind panic and run:
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 - after backing up the database, of course (JIC).

Otherwise I am at a loss, sorry. Maybe someone else on the forum will be able to assist.
It might be of some use in diagnosis if you posted an image clip of the:
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Jesper are these clips in a normal group? is there anything special about them (are they marked as favorites?)
are they in the recycle bin?


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