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wont boot normally!

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Hello,  if someone can help me here regarding computer start up. This happened just today:
 I m using Winxp, and I had restored an xp image 2 days back.
 But today I am experiencing the lag in normal boot times.  The normal boot time ws 4/5 minutes: but now it has extended to 10/11 minutes and more

I m on a dual boot, (xp/7) but I use xp more
I think it is a hardware issue. The problem is effecting two Os. Which is strange

Any suggestions welcome.

Tell us more -- are you saying it boots successfully it just takes a long time?

Tell us more -- are you saying it boots successfully it just takes a long time?
-mouser (October 01, 2013, 03:29 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yeah that's the problem.  It boots but takes a longer time.
I tried booting in safe mode , on both the OS's: which it does. I tried chkdsk from xp recovery disc

Since I do not use Antivirus, I rely solely on virtualization amd restoration of the images.  This problem is un-understandable, I m tired of restoring, few problem should have fewer solutions for. Also before this I got a lot of BSOD's .

As of now, only other thing I can think is of the graphic card, being loose.

A couple of ideas:

Check the System Event Log in XP just after it boots - any errors/warnings?

Get SysInternals' AutoRuns, see if it shows a lot of startup stuff that is either:
a) not supposed to be there, or
b) an entry exists but the file/program is missing, eg.

wont boot normally!

My ideas:

1. Maybe you installed something that now decides it wants to "load on boot". Aspects of Java, LibreOffice, and all manner of otherwise legit programs certainly aren't viruses, but suppose you missed some little box during the install.

2. While you don't use that specifically, MS Security Essentials decides it wants to scan bunches of stuff on boot, so then it "fights" for the boot cpu processing power during boot up.

3. It takes time for my machine to re-link all the shortcuts, again chewing up cpu power.


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