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CPU use


I noted today that screenshot captor has a continuously cpu usage in idle
state of 0,43-0,48% (till 48-49% to save a screenshot).

What does it do in idle state?

Take a look with Process Monitor (it is from the same makers as Process Explorer) and filter out anything that is not related to the process you are monitoring. Very easy, take one glancing look at the filter rules that are by default there and you know how to add the rule you need.

No answers, just noting: on my machine (i5) it uses a fairly steady 0.16-0.19 when in the tray, and goes briefly up to almost 20% after taking a screenshot.

Maybe it's the Quick Capture bar? hmmm - does makes a little difference - down to .14-.16

I have not enabled the Quick Capture Bar.  :)
Maybe your pc is faster than mine.

Btw, tried to restore the prefs (deleted the .ini file).
0.39-0.45 in tray
48-49 % saving the file


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