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NANY 2014 Idea Thread - Post Your Program Ideas Here

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New post because this angle is more for the "Super System" version.

What it does is create an entirely new brand of news.  So for US people he "would have voted out" D Critter. So then you get a world wide Discussion Starter sytem because his single "Vote In / Vote Out Opinion" which is like 1 K of text suddenly becomes news I might NEVER see in YEARS of whatever order the random news feeds show stuff! An example is our discussions of SOPA.

A Global "Opinion Pseudo Vote" is there because for example Renny can't vote, but I can see in fast batch form he knows say ABYX3 info about D Critter.  So A, it creates a discussion, and if I agree with him, then update my issues/bills/tags, then next election I vote D Critter out!

Again at the Super Level, it's important because you get a Critter on *opposite sides* of *2+* issues. So then you can focus and ponder "well he's for Marriage Rights but also Against Debt Auth, what is the tie breaker in my mind?" So then you just ponder your % weights on the issues and then Save. Then months later you just take your Voting List printout to the polls without risking forgetting that way back when D Critter really made you upset!

Still more at the Super Level, in voting season, instead of random speeches, you just force the candidates to "batch the platforms". So in three minutes you get to drill them with the five things that bother you. Then later if they ever change "their position", you have a date tagged stamp of what it used to be so either they have a good reason (which is fair), or they are Flip Flopping (which is not.)

At the Super Level, you get "UnVerified Data". So if your inbound source of data is suspect, you have a layer before you tag it as "believable". So then you make your "trusted sources" list (in YOUR sense, not that whole Microsoft Palladium sense!!). So then when Your Source also says it, you do complete the tag update.

The possibilities are unbelievable.

EDIT: This "Super Level" stuff also touches on the whole "Fremium" discussion!

Meanwhile, another new Super feature:
Importing data files. Because if anyone makes a Critter file or a Bill file or a News file etc, then "12 clicks later" anyone can have it! That's what is so hard about current politics - I couldn't name more than like 4 congresspeople. But barring clerical stuff, a good Critter file is "instant". It's even worse at the Bill level. You can do a "heuristic import" where you can load a file of "Democrat" or "Republican" or "First Amendment" positions on all bills across all Critters, and then later just tweak for the five bills you think differently on!

 an idea:
in xp- restart in safe mode  from the  restart WINDOW.
only one time (next shutdown/restart -in normal mode).
 in don't like to  hit F8 in restart.


Hello community, I've got an NANY idea for Windows XP users:
Have an option on the  restart WINDOW: "restart in safe mode", only one time (next shutdown/restart -in normal mode).
Because I don't like to  hit F8 in restart.-hyo9 (November 15, 2013, 01:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

Therefore try out the native command 'msconfig'

Win+R >> msconfig >> ENTER


software to 3d scan an item using webcam. outputs a 3d printable file. maybe near future, our email system is in form of 3D prints, to make it more expressive. Plastics can be reused. It's like leave message, but a 3d material. Or more futuristic, a moving 3d object(using laser to form/deform 3d frames)

Software that slices audio given some simple description of where to slice,

Audio input specified by URL or local file path (absolute or relative).
Slicing instructions contained in a simple text file.  At minimum, times to slice at (beginning and end points for each duration) would be specified.  Possibly names for the resulting files might be included.

Output would be multiple audio files.


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