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NANY 2014 Idea Thread - Post Your Program Ideas Here

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NANY 2014 is coming up soon (read more here).  It's our event where we invite programmers who hang out at DonationCoder to release a new small freeware program/website/etc.

Sometimes the hardest part about participating in NANY is coming up with ideas, so we always like to have a thread where we invite people to post their ideas for new programs they would like to see written.

So please post your ideas here!

ps. Remember that NANY is for small things that can be done in days/weeks, not things that would take years to develop!

Hello Donation Coders!
I've always wanted to participate in NANY and now that I quit school and have more time for personal projects, I believe the time has come ;D

I think I'm going to make an android app (mainly for myself) that disables the LED light on my phone at night (it is annoying when I charge it close to my bed at night). I'll look into making an official entry some other time.

Hope to see many cool things again this year!
Good luck everyone  :Thmbsup:

Someone should make a nice GUI game: a Connect-Four game where you compete against AI.

Quick question... Is there a gallery of Cody images? I'm thinking of a tiny little fun thing based on Cody. A range of images would be needed though. Animated GIFs would help out as well, if there are any.

We need a Q&A angle where programmers can weigh in on what an idea is.

I have all kinds of things in my head but they either don't interest y'all or else they fuzz that line on time usage. Esp we need some advice on "UI time". The reason for my particular brand of confusion is that half my ideas are things I could do in my ultra feeble knowledge of Commodore 128 Basic, so I don't get why anyone else thinks they are "that hard to do".

Forgetting all aspects of "Cloud" and "Login" my "Political Bill Processor" system is way up there. It's just text splicing and tagging! Then it just becomes "That, plus security in the Cloud". But the concept is almost as easy as Eliza!

I'm so not kidding. Here's a real world example that wasn't even known until about this month:
- Obamacare - like or hate it, that was 2010's problem and it became law. So no, holding the entire debt authorization of the US because Ted Cruz's gang doesn't like it is NOT okay. So "all my system does" is say "any congress critter who is wrecking the country because they hate X (here, Obamacare), will lose my vote next election." (And yes, I just realized adding a "Rule" like that is also CRUCIAL! So add that one rule, and then you get correct "DisLiking" of ALL TWO HUNDRED Critters who are in that camp!!)

(EDIT: Do y'all see how FAST that is? You put in say two rules like "You were for SOPA/etc" and "You were for Killing Debt Auth" and You Lose My Vote" and then crank that to the *Separate* batches of *partially* overlapping 277 Critters! Then you "Publish My Intended Vote". Within a *MONTH* you could un-elect ALL of CONGRESS if you have the right viral coordination!)

In other words, all it does is put a list of CongressCritters on one side and Issues/Bills on the other. (At the sentence level and then rolled up - that covers the CRUCIAL case of "one SOPA line in a Farm Bill scenario!!) Some "factual data" shows up "from somewhere" showing that Critter A votes/wants Bill1. (In the demo proto version the User just sees a news story and does it himself. Adds a bill, adds a CongressCritter link, adds His Opinion and his % Weighting.) User's Opinion of Bill 1 = Good or Bad. So then User's Opinion of CongressCritter = Alpha, times the "% importance" metric.

Then you just "report/share" your opinion/result with "another voter / to the web", and you two can compare notes and tweak your data all day. So in the easy manual version, your report brings up the whole notion of Ted Cruz that I had no idea about. So I go back to my copy and change Ted Cruz from "neutral / unknown / no info / no opinion" to "Don't Like because he is For Bill 1 / Rider A that tanks the Debt Auth of US because he hates Obamacare."

That's it. Then it's just scaling and that is fine for some other day. It in fact works just fine with individual copies as "apps". We see each other's "Reports", times our own news, publish our own reports, and tweak it all day long. But that's in fact all Politics is. You even see an inspirational speech about an issue with no bill known yet. Yay you like Critter 12. So fine. You just "tweak up a Null Bill" and save. Then a year later when That Bill shows up you just add it, and it matches what you learned "from the speech". Cake. But we just can't manage it in our heads.

That simple. 500 lines of code tops. A little more times X issues. A little more for some reporting. But I believe it is the future of all politics for about 2016-2025. Because once we stop "Liking Cats on Facebook", the min a voter from Wyoming and a voter from Kentucky can team up on the same issue, Politics goes back to the people a little!

My problem is I don't program so I'm just this side of doing it myself ... in crappy Basic that no one will ever look at! So I'm stuck. But it's the only idea I believe in for X years so I wanted any opening. I am also on the verge of "Commissioning" "the Upgrade" but that requires a paycheck, and that's a few months out, past NANY!

(All "His" gender markers are "laziness and not gender biased!") : )

Addenda 1: This has hysterical implications for The Basement because you can convert any issue ever into a crisp "voting result". So we can spend time "convincing" each other, but then you can go back and "what are you going to do about it" crunches down into your heuristic of Vote / Not Vote for Z Critter!

It adds a hysterical "closer line" to the Basement discussions. "Great, save your 7000 words, I already changed my "Not Like" tag for Ted Cruz"!

(P.S. You need a "News Accumulator" because you can collect "Issues" all day before you know What Bill and What Critter to stick them to. That's a CRUCIAL part of the system. Because you see the "Issue" first and you can theoretically have THOUSANDS of "Issues" before you finally spend 3 hours one day and link them to the Bills and Critters. In the "Super System" version for Some Other Year a whole team of people/company/someone would do all that. This is just the demo. It's what we badly do in our heads.)


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