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Jazz Recommendation Thread

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Herbie Mann Live at the Village Gate (1961). If you like your bop hard, with just a hint of Latin, but with a double-dollop of smooth & cool, this performance is for you. Here's the performance that put Herbie on the map. There's only three songs on this epic album: Comin' Home Baby; an elegant bossa version of Summertime (my fav btw!); and It Ain't Necessarily So.

Another Mann performance I really like - even if it may not appeal to the real jazz purists - is his 1969 piece Memphis Underground. It's an addictively happy 7-minute number that says "Good Times!"

To my ears it anticipates (in some ways) that bit o' funk/rock/'god knows what else' place Miles Davis would take things a few years later.

Give a listen:

Dexter Gordon

From Doin' Alright on it's tough to pick a bad one.  I saw him live at a small club in the early 70's. Quite an amazing performance.  Man that dude could play!

My taste in jazz has two feet: One foot in the canonical (Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Dave Brubeck, Wes Montgomery, Vince Guaraldi), the other in the "suspected to be clinically insane" avant-garde (Sun Ra, John Zorn, Peter Brotzmann, Skerik, Bill Laswell).
The listed musicians are by no means a complete list, just what I could throw off the top of my head that haven't been mentioned before.
-Edvard (September 27, 2013, 01:02 AM)
--- End quote ---

enjoying the Vince Guaraldi Trio at the moment - A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

Just spotted this on YT. Every time I hear this performance I end up sitting, shaking my head, wondering how anybody could ever come up with a piece like this one...

That's from a 1963 live TV show in Baden, Germany. 

The whole 22 minute concert broadcast is also on YouTube and well worth listening to.


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