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Need a simple chat system for small website prefer to host internally no frills

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I am trying to find something that could be used to allow up to 5 or 6 people to carry on simple conversations while they are all logged into the same site.  I have seen and tried so many only to find that in the end, they all are too complicated to be used for what is needed. 
No smileys no nothing but text.  Best example I can think of is 5 people looking at a group of photos on a webpage and discussing the merits of each. 
I could give up a strip of space at the side which would allow for simple conversations but that is all I need.  nothing more. 

The biggest problem is that this is a very minor need but one which was requested.  It may not get used much but when it is used, it will be appreciated by those who use it.  I have considered linking to an outside service to provide the chat-function if necessary but would rather keep it all in house if possible.  In the long ago days of BBS systems this was not such an uncommon thing to have but now most chat setups are anything BUT simple. two people typing on the same sheet of paper is about as complicated as I need. :)
This is a project I started on about this time last year, made some progress, got sidetracked on other issues, and never finished. Now it is a topic of interest again.  It seems that the best I was able to find back then was some kind of "Community BBS" or .. The name is something I just do not remember but it was a donation supported program of some kind.  Thanks for any suggestions  And someone Please!  Tell me if I put this in the wrong place :) I have a feeling maybe it should be posted elsewhere.

Sounds like Microchat might just do the trick.

That's actually pretty cool... and a pretty cool site, to boot!  Thanks app!

Well I have to say this, if Microchat works as shown, it should be perfect for what I need.  Their example is exactly what I wanted.  The group of people logged in just need a simple way to communicate with each other while they are looking at each item.  That script I downloaded was So small that it looks impossible to perform the task.
If this does solve my problem I will definitely have to send a few credits your way APP103.

I am always in need of something unusual it seems and hard to find.  I sure hope this is one of those Gems!

Many Thanks for a speedy solution!  I hope I can embed it in the webpage without too much wrangling.

That was the simplest one that I found. If it doesn't work to your liking, let me know and I'll look for another.


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