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exe behaviour

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exe behaviour

Recently an exe going well though years give me strange error.

Appear a window telling me that the invoke .bat file is not found.
I have consult where I buy my pc and indicates me the possibility of antivirus intervention. But I have disconnected and the error continues.
How can I depure this program ?

The path to the bat file is :
the file listas.bat is there and goes well, but the exe don't find.
I have tried deactivating the antivirus : Avast!, but don't go.

Anyone knows something about this type of problems ?

Best Regards

Showing the content of the listas.bat would slightly help, but checking any executable called from that .bat, to exist on your system and in a directory that is listed in the PATH environment variable, is the actual solution.

Ath thanks a lot. I am making experiments.
In other pc goes well..... that may be a sympton.
The pity thing i don't have the source, but of course i have the source of the bat file.
The pc have no virus, and have a cleaned registry.
I will put you a screenshot of the console in the system goes well (in the portatil)
and a screenshot in the desktop where the initial error window appear.

It's a strange thing.

the first screenshot.
From the portatil. The listas.bat is executed and open the console

exe behaviour

The second screenshot.
From the desktop
The program don't find listas.bat, that obviously is in the same disk and directory as in all my PC. I have three pc.......  :D
and perhaps in 04.2014 i will have a clever mobile samsung S5 or similar with sensors....

exe behaviour

I don't have the source code. I known made me the exe file.

and the bat file is source known but listas.exe another known give me instructions not to give explanations (things of programmers of course). But I have to take into considerations and rispect)

The bat code
rem primer intento fallido
rem echo off
rem exit
echo off

I am waiting for the code to interpret a chain.
I can't give the code is not mine and not allowed to give.
It's a programmer in C from a dissapeared forum, but I have a forum where he goes often. I can tell but if goes well in other pc..... the problem is in the desktop pc.
Just I can't


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