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Valve Announces Steam OS

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They've done it... Steam is getting it's own OS.

I'm thinking this is in preparation for the rumoured SteamBox console.  And this explains the recent focus on getting games to Linux.

Steam is getting its very own operating system, Valve announced today. It'll be a combination of Steam's current platform and Linux.P

SteamOS is a free operating system designed for living rooms that Valve says "combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen."

--- End quote ---

So... are they just applying a DWM over a distro?  I dunno... don't have enough experience with Linux to say.  Can someone else chime in?

Carol Haynes:
If you want to decamp from MS how many games do you get to keep?  :-\

If you want to decamp from MS how many games do you get to keep?  :-\
-Carol Haynes (September 23, 2013, 06:37 PM)
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All of the ones that are on Steam that work on the other OS?  Or am I not understanding the question?

Carol Haynes:
The questions I suppose I am asking is:

1) How many games on Steam actually work on Linux?

2) Do you get a Linux copy if you bought a Windows copy (it doesn't always seem to follow with Mac versions -even Valve titles)

The ones that are buy once, play anywhere:

The ones that are LinuxOS:

They have a pretty good search function on the site.


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