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send many emails

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Take a look at MailChimp. They allow up to 2000 subscribers and a total of 12,000 emails per month on a free personal account.

They do make sure, however, that you aren't spamming and your mailings comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. So be sure to read their rules about how to populate your mailing lists. Anybody you're e-mailing will need to opt-in after being queried.

It is possible and easy to do a shotgun mass mailing via SMTP running from your own PC. Unfortunately (or fortunately) most major ISPs won't allow you to do that because of widespread abuses. Most now require you to send via their own SMTP servers - and will shut you off if you send too many emails a month - or too many at one time.

And as you noted, doing it that way is also a good way to get robo-blacklisted even if you aren't spamming.

I'd try MailChimp. They offer a great service and also have several informational booklets about all aspects of list emailing you can download for free.  Worth a look.

Yes, besides restriction policies from your ISP there are independent organizations who do track rogue mail servers that send out messages at a rate they consider suspicious. Twice it happened to me that I got a warning from one of those organizations.

They send a message that you should check any computer in your LAN (if you have one) for viruses and when you're done with that you can use a link to apply for relieving the email-ban. If it happens again within the probation, more severe actions will be taken.

What that would imply I don't know, as that never happened to me.

Only the legit mailing-letter companies/organizations have permission to send large sets of mail fast. but also they are continuously scrutinized (if they have too many clients that send spam)

^I had one client that got blacklisted by one of those self-nominated watchdog organizations for having an open relay. It was due to an overlooked default setting following an upgrade to their email server.

It was a major nightmare getting off that list since there wasn't anyone to talk to. All communication was by email. The watchdog wouldn't budge. My client had to petition for removal from the blacklist and wait about six weeks before the watchdog's robots checked again and reported the relay was gone.


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