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SHMUP, A Löve2D story

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So, in order to get my game on for NANY2014 I decided to get cracking and learn some programming. To do this, I decided to make a game using Löve2D. Löve2D is a framework that allows you to build 2d games fairly quickly using Lua. Since Lua pretty much is the only language I've had a bit of experience with it seemed like a good place to start.

Anyhow, the purpose of this thread is to chronicle the progress on this training project. Since I haven't really saved any versions yet (I plan to when I've hit some milestone, like getting the basics down) I will start from my current build and work my way forward with each new post, explaining what I've done and possibly what went wrong. With this I can look back at what I made and hopefully learn more than I did while doing it. Anyhow, lets get on with it.

These first few videos are from the early stages when I wasn't really doing much but trying to set up the basic framework to build my game on.

This video showcases projectiles and an enemy. Both were terribly done as I had mocked about in a stupid way with all the rotation and positions of the entities, this was later fixed. Even though the effect is minimal, it's always nice to do things the right way.

Gave the projectiles sprites and added different effects to the game. Including the randomly placed twinkling stars in the background.

This is where the fun begins, I changed the actual firing of projectiles from being hardcoded into the playership into objects that can be attached in arbitrary number to the ship. This way I can have powerups and upgrades without going through too many hoops. I also added some damage indication to the enemy ships as well as more stats to calculate damage. In the second video I got sound working and added some temporary sounds to the game, I don't own the rights to the music though and I plan to change it to something I can legally use later, so far it serves as a placeholder however.

In case you want to try it out, the latest compiled version can be found here. I have no idea what is needed to run it, but from what I gather it runs best under either windows 7 or 8.

Controls are the arrow keys for movement, space for shooting and p for pause


That's looking pretty sweet, p3l! Keep it up. :-)

Nice work p3lb0x -- it's great to be able to read about and see member project progress reports  :up:


Added sprites to the guns, some nonplaceholder stuff to the options menu as well as a clunky level system.

The enemies all need to be placed by a level author, but with levels being objects by themselves, you could have randomly placed enemies as well if you so desire, I've also added functions for placing formations of enemies and it would be possible to use these functions to "paint" a level or something further down the line.

edit: Bonus video showing off hitboxes.

Watching your latest video gave me a strange idea, i'm not sure if it's been done before or how practical it is...

What if you could find a way to interpret a music sound file as the enemy ship level..

So think of it this way -- think about processing the music file with a visual waveform, and then using the waveform to somehow control the movement and behaviors of enemies..

It would be fun to think about being able to load up any song -- and "play" that level.


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