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SHMUP, A Löve2D story

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Games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard do this, so it is definitely possible. Whether or not I have the skills to make it happen is another thing all together. At the moment I am still trying to get the basic systems down for the game to work off.


Pretty much done adding the basics of the customization system between levels. Also thought a bit about advanced gameplay. At the moment players are awarded additional statpoints to level up if they save score or money between levels. The score they keep between levels is also added to the total score pool, which would give a better highscore at the end of the game. I've also added a fire velocity upgrade after this video. It should also be noted that the first short thing it goes to after starting a new game is a debug level that awards a large amount of score. I also uploaded a new version if anyone wants to test it out, download link is in the opening post.

edit: Fixed annoying small bug with Swivel Machine Guns

edit edit: Fixed bug with hitboxes being active before they were meant to


That's looking great! Nice work!

That's looking great! Nice work!
-Deozaan (September 26, 2013, 03:57 PM)
--- End quote ---

+1 looks really good


After a short hiatus I am once again back with an update.

Levels now take advantage of object oriented programming features, customization screen updated with keyboard controls and the ability to sell weapons and mirror them on the ship.
I've also fixed the weird flipping when adding stuff to the ship in customization after creating the video.

edit: also just added the ability to change starting direction for swiveling guns

edit edit: Added a bit more to the level

edit edit edit: Added rockets and other minor tweaks, starting to experience some slow down. From what I've gathered by asking Löve2D enthusiasts, I should be able to speed it up immensely by changing the way I draw my sprites. I also need to fix some math in the rockets.

I downloaded it and gave it a try. It works just fine on my computer. Windows 7 x64. Pretty cool!


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