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Screenshot Captor Quick-Capture Bar disappeared



I am using the latest Screenshot Captor version v4.7.2 in Windows 7 and on multiple screens, both at office and at home.
Probably because of the different layouts used, I cannot retrieve/see anymore the Quick-Capture Bar....
Please help.

Rafael G.

Ah so you think the problem is that while connected to a pc with multiple monitors the quick bar was visible on a monitor, and then on the newly connected pc that monitor doesn't exist so the quick bar is off screen?

First thing to try, from the Screenshot Captor tray menu, click the Quick Capture Bar item at top of menu to turn it off, and then again to turn it back on.

If this still fails, exit SC and edit the Screenshot Captor.ini file (under documents\donationcoder\screenshotcaptor if on win vista and above), and delete the section starting with "[QuickCaptureForm.rsPropSaver]" and then restart.

I'll try to add some code to fix this problem in general.


The first suggestion did not fix the problem however, the second one did fix it.

Many thanks!
Rafael G.


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