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Exporting FARR result list using snagit TXT mode

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Currently there is no option to export the results from the FARR window. I would have loved that option.
I tried to retrieve the data using ahk and nirsoft sysexporter, but could not get the info from the TNextgrid.

Snagit in txt capture mode helped to accomplish this task.
This works with very old versions of Snagit too [it is not freeware]

You first want to limit the number of columns and it is probably best to use small icons, each file on a separate line:

Start FARR options
  Program Options > Settings > Display Options
  Report Columns
    switch on/off extra columns
  Result Display style
    (.) small icon Report
Save FARR options.

Start a FARR search

Start Snagit config.
  Put Snagit in TXT capture mode
  Select the output format (file, clipboard,..)
Start selecting

Choose the FARR result window.
All visible lines from the file list will be copied.

Now you can use the file list in other programs to sort, journaling or create batch files
e.g. for backing up these files, etc...

Don't forget to restore your FARR display options and Snagit settings afterwards.

i wouldn't mind adding an export result list function..


That would be much appreciated. :-*

i wouldn't mind adding an export result list function.
-mouser (September 21, 2013, 09:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

That could be useful, but it would seem to be a chore to ask you to do it if you don't need to - it is only necessary now because of an intermittent requirement and one apparently cannot already access the FARR output pane using (say) SysExporter (though Snagit apparently seems to work to some extent).
I would be interested to learn/understand why that is the case. CHS seems to be in the same boat.
Playing around with SysExporter just now, one can see/copy all the installed items (not just those currently displayed) in Windows Update, and the files listed in xplorer² similarly, so why not similarly in FARR and CHS?

It depends whether the UI control is simple windows base control (like a common simple listview), or a more complicated custom control like a grid (FARR, CHS).


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