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Do you like short films? Of course you do!

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Short of the Week has been serving up epic bite-sized films to millions of filmmakers and fans since 2007. We seek to discover and promote the greatest and most innovative storytellers from around the world.
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I only just discovered this website about a month ago, but it is now my second favorite website (after DonationCoder ;) ).  Films are all of good to great quality, sortable by Genre , Topic, Style, Country, Year, Collection or Playlist.  Also, subscribe to their RSS or Twitter feed to get notifications of new shorts as they get posted, even submit your own creations.  Enjoy  :Thmbsup:

from: the awesome part of the internets

GREAT FIND!  :Thmbsup:

Just watched this:

Excellent little 5 minute short.   :Thmbsup:

Dark but wonderful animated short: Jeff Le Bars' short piece called Carn.

Watch it on Vimeo here.


Yeah, that was pretty well done. And bonus point for being French!

I can see one day I'll end up doing a Short Film marathon, and if they've been around since 2007 then that means there's a good back catalog!

I couldn't tear myself away from the youtube,– but now I have this website 8)


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