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Odd/Fun Ways You've Learned Programming

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What are some fun ways that you've learned to program? I don't mean EVERYTHING, but some anecdotes or just fun stuff 1-off things or habits - whatever is entertaining. I'll start...

I learned a lot of programming from reading Wrox and other programming books on the toilet. Makes for a loooong poop, and the occasional numb ass, but it was highly educational. :P

Stoic Joker:
Back in the mid/late 90's I picked up a copy of "Sam's Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours" at a Staples, which came with a copy of the Borland's C++ v4.52 IDE. I took it home, installed the compiler, and began reading ... About a week later, it slowly began to dawn on me that Sam...was totally full of shit.

A few months later, a friend of a friend walked me through the code (line by line) necessary to get a MessageBox to compile and run. This is actually surprisingly difficult if one doesn't define the project properly (or at all) and therefore has to define/declare everything in pure C ... Especially if the one in question also does not happen to posses the slightest clue wtf they're doing. :D

On a holiday trip we visited family. My cousin had a game that was a kind of a lodrunner like that we played a lot while being there. I wanted to get it but my cousin had an amstrad cpc6128. At home i had a cpc464. The 6128 had a floppy disk drive but the 464 only had a tape so I could make a copy. As the game was in BASIC language we printed it so that I could type it again at home. Yeah we did that then !

When I got home I typed everything that was printed, but the last page was missing. It didn't print. Out of necessity, I wrote the end on my own... I had no idea if it would work, but at the end it did. I felt totally awesome.

I once made a really cool 404 page, as the result of trying to work out how to code a complete slot machine game as a single javascript function of 20 chars or less. It was for a chat room hosted on a server that a friend of mine wrote for the purpose of teaching programming, with a built-in js interpreter, where anyone with admin privileges could throw functions in the room and use them for all kinds of stuff. That was a really neat, fun experience. We all had a blast with it. About 10 minutes after I tossed my slot machine function in the room, someone else got tired of losing and coded a cheat function for it, that would play it 100 times and report back how many times (if any) that you won.  ;D

no witty anecdotes, but for me coding snacks have been great fun and great learning tools


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