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Odd/Fun Ways You've Learned Programming

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When I was a little kid first learning to program, my initial motivations were to play computer "games".  I put the word "games" in quotes because these weren't the kinds of 100-person production quality games of today.  We're talking about a situation where you typed in the 2-page game program code from a computer magazine for 6 hours in order to play it (text only).

This book was my bible:

Basic Computer Games

That book and my father's encouragement is what started me coding -- for many years after that my focus was on creating games.  I spent a good part of a decade doing little else but creating clones of arcade games.  My grand opus was a clone of q-bert that had my own invented cut-scenes.. I wish I still had a copy of that..

Somewhere around 1986, in my latter years of high school, I finished work on a hybrid text-graphics adventure creation toolkit, and send out some packages in the mail with demo disks to a few computer game companies to see if i could find a company to buy/use it.  Didn't get much interest and just shelved it and went to college.

When I got home I typed everything that was printed, but the last page was missing. It didn't print. Out of necessity, I wrote the end on my own... I had no idea if it would work, but at the end it did. I felt totally awesome.
-ecaradec (September 17, 2013, 02:51 PM)
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Perhaps this idea can be reworked as the basis for a programming contest :)

I had a very simple program that I made for an RPG, and every time I'd learn a new programming language, I'd re-make it in that programming language with a few improvements. :)


(No, really, I started with Visual Basic. Don't ask why.)

I started with Visual Basic also.  It's a common start.

...Well, professionally.  In college I started with C and Pascal as my primary languages.  Then professionally, I was writing for MStest which used something similar to VB at the time.  Then to Delphi (so... back to Pascal in other words).  Then to C++.  Then to C#.

Another interesting way that I learned was via the Beagle Bros contests (in old fashioned BASIC with Assembler calls).


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