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Real Strike - 3D Augmented Reality FPS


Don't you wish you had this when you were a kid?

Do you ever wonder bringing the fun of First-Person-Shooting into reality? Real Strike is the first app that does exactly that! It mixes up the camera and the real-time computed 3D gun animation into an integrated view, allowing you to turn the forest, street, office or whatever environment you are in into a military simulation field. And, you can make a movie while you play!

Even in the evening, night and thermal vision goggles would give you clear vision to complete your mission. There are 25 high-precision 3D weapons at your disposal, and they all can be viewed with detailed profile in the Armory mode, exquisite in every angle. Environment-sensitive dynamic lighting, realistic animation of firing and reload, physics-simulated trajectory of 3D bullet shells… Only this ultimate Augmented-Reality gun app can bring such a level of heart-beating realness to you!

--- End quote ---

And then there's the seriously messed up bizarre weirdness that goes along, oh, just about everything. You just cannot make this stuff up...

Kind of makes me wonder if it's worth looking into doing some AR stuff. It would be a lot of fun - you can do some pretty cool stuff with AR.


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