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software recommendations - photo/graphics editors

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Fotor is well worth a look, it does sophisticated things really easily, perfect for someone who knows what they want but don't want to get bogged down in menus.

Also available on other platforms.

I use this in conjunction with PSP X2 which behaves itself on my Win7 machine, probably because it is a portable version :-)

PixBuilder Studio - Free photo editing software - WnSoft-AbteriX (September 18, 2013, 12:58 PM)
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I haven't tried their products, but their flagship is the well-respected PicturesToExe slideshow program, so I'd expect Pixbuilder Studio to be as good as any freeware.

Personally I use Xara Designer for almost all graphic / photo tasks.

LifeHacker are currently running a "what is the best Photoshop replacement" thread, which may throw up some interesting suggestions.

You could take a look at Real-World Paint.
The author is responsive here, at DC, and otherwise.
Or, why not save a lot of trouble and keep the lens cap in place?

Or, why not save a lot of trouble and keep the lens cap in place?
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ever tried to put a cap on your wife?

safe to say the result will probably be a negative...


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