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software recommendations - photo/graphics editors

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Some ideas, maybe from use for someone...

I doesn't have much use for a graphic editor this days.
Only a little bit cropping, color and brightness adjustment, drawing a arrow, little rotation and like that.

So I searched for free and portable lightweight apps and found this recently:
Hornil StylePix - Free Photo Editor
PixBuilder Studio - Free photo editing software - WnSoft

In the past I used Photofiltre too to create the graphic pack for SC.
Also from time to time I use pay ware PhotoLine (there was a giveaway on german c't magazin years ago. Still have too less use for it to buy a newer version)
And then I have bought some cheap older PhotoImpact from the electric bay. But often I just use a "patched" trial of version 8 (2002?) because it's small and all I need.

As viewer I use Irfan View every day since years. (reminder to me: check last donation time)


Or one of Serif's offerings?

* PhotoPlus X6 (current top-of-the-range)
* PhotoPlus essentials (half the price)
* PhotoPlus Starter Edition (free)

I can recommend Paint.NET

 I also used Paint Shop Pro for many years but gave up on it after Corel bought it and made a DRM nightmare out of it.   I don't do much photo editing, but I do need to do some basic things every so often.  Paint.NET had the right mix of serious capabilities and ease of use for my purposes, and it is free.

This is my wifes machine and she's a very light (basic!!) user, mostly minor retouching of photos or scans, ...-Target (September 16, 2013, 07:38 PM)
--- End quote ---

The two easiest to use of the able ones are PhotoScape and PhotoFiltre Studio X Pro. There is no marker / selection tool in PhotoScape => it will only alter the entire picture - which is why I also use PhotoFiltre, so I can edit the details. Except for "amplify colours" (which is amplifying too strongly), I am very satisfied with these two editors.

During installation of PhotoScape you should not click the first "I agree", but "Options", otherwise you will usually get some 3'rd party program.

PhotoScape is Korean, PhotoFiltre is French.

Coming late to this thread -- blame mouser for highlighting it in the newsletter :)

I've used a few graphics / photo editors over the years.

For all the proponents of The Gimp, it's always looked to me like the learning curve is way too steep. I have a copy but I've never used it for anything serious.

Sagelight -- the paid version -- is brilliant for photo work. The noise reduction and one-shot HDR functionality components are very new and have become indispensable to me already.

I like Xara Photo & Graphic Designer for object removal but it's a vector tool with photo capabilities added in later and again the learning curve is fairly hefty. And it's quite expensive. But it has a big and committed userbase and the fact that it combines vector and photo capabilities in one package may be a plus.

Serif PhotoPlus: I've had various versions of this for ages and still use it -- particularly if I want to add text or do object extraction, layer-based manipulation or, well, anything that's about changing the content of a picture rather than just tweaking it for whole-image improvements. It's a good companion to Sagelight but they definitely complement each other.

The various free tools mentioned in this thread: there are good points to all of them but -- with the possible exception of The Gimp -- I'm not sure any of them really delivers on all the functionality you're likely to want. Sorry -- I think you may have to spend money.


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