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Be Tiny, World! release for Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Hi folks,

In April 2012 I participated in the Ludum Dare 23 72-hour game jam and made a game called "Be Tiny, World!" within 72 hours. I'm not particularly proud of the result but it was a fun little exercise and I enjoyed the challenge of making a complete game within 72 hours.

Since the challenge, I used Be Tiny, World! as an opportunity to try my hand at porting a game to Android, and shortly thereafter made an Android release. And over the months I've occasionally made some improvements (mostly to the Android version) to the otherwise simple, dumb game that it is.

Recently Google launched their Google Play Game services to provide things like Cloud Saves, Leaderboards, Achievements, and Multiplayer. Once again I was itching to test some of these things out so I used Be Tiny, World! as the guinea pig this past weekend and added achievements and leaderboards to the Android version of the game, and in the process I also made some minor improvements to the desktop version of the game, and additionally, there is now a Linux build of the game available.

So for anyone who would like to try out the nifty new achievements and leaderboards on Android, you can get the game either from Google Play or a direct APK download here (using Google Play or the Google Play Games Services is completely optional). And for those of you folks who use Linux, I'd appreciate if you gave it a try and reported any bugs, since this is the first release available on Linux. The desktop builds for PC/Mac/Linux can be found on the Be Tiny, World! website:

Be Tiny, World!

i remember this game from its previous incarnation. cool time-killer while waiting for the bus. :up:

btw, apk download only leads to an embedded unity-player page. am i missing something?

btw, apk download only leads to an embedded unity-player page. am i missing something?-lanux128 (September 17, 2013, 05:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

The link to the APK download in the post above should take you to the Game's "official page" which has links to download it for desktop or Android devices. Look for the giant QR codes. :Thmbsup:

i guess something is wrong with my browser then. this is what i see.


What's the URL that you're going to? :huh:


I see what I did. I accidentally replaced the index.html file with the webplayer file, but it was still cached on my system. The link should work now (if you clear your cache).


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