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memory use and reason

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I'm at about 70mbs for skype. Maybe try downloading a fresh one and reinstalling.

I'm not sure about the Windows version, but the Mac version does this constantly. I have to routinely kill it, to keep it from taking over the computer (which isn't hard, given that it's a Mac, i.e. a severely underpowered PC :P ).


But skype?
How hard could it be just to provide a chat facility? (at the moment I saw the 160MB memory consumption, there was no audio/video business, just plain old keyboard chat with two friends.)

--- End quote ---

Not being a serious coder, I'm the wrong person to ask. But there are enough of them around here that maybe somebody might actually know.  

One thing I've learned from what coding I have done however, has taught me that many times  the answer to questions such as "How hard can it be?" is: "Surprisingly difficult."


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