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From the Life Is Complicated Dept: Tooth Cavities May Protect Against Cancer



Tooth Cavities May Protect Against Cancer

Slashdot's copy:

""John Gever reports at MedPage Today on a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Buffalo, which found that people with more cavities in their teeth are 32 percent less likely to suffer from head and neck cancers. "

Given that it takes *years* of neglect/arrogance to get cavities, to pit Cavities vs Cancer is a scary battle!!


sillinessStudy authors declared they had no relevant financial interests.
--- End quote ---
Then after massively shorted stock in Crest & Colgate expecting people to stop brushing. Their subsequent suicides were tragic. :P


Slashdot's copy:

"Mommy, if I have more Pepsi then I reduce my risk of cancer!"

Really though, that's a nasty pair of odds to weigh!


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