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auto-select next file viewing

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[Feature] New option (enabled by default) to auto-select next file after deletions.
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First I can't find the option for on or off. Minor, but this might be the trouble. Don't know yet.

Having a little trouble with this feature.
After it was added it worked at first, then it quit auto selecting, as in being viewed in the main window.

To be more clear, it did auto select the next file after deleting, and the next file was highlighted in the Thumbnail Panel, but would not show in the SC main window. So the auto select is working but it's not auto showing in the SC main window.

I'll be away from my computer for a day or 2. Only time to take a quick look at the forum, but not much time to test.


going to reinstall with reset defaults as soon as i can and check it

I'd be interested in hearing any problems people experience with this.

The new option can be found as the last checkbox in the "Miscellaneous Interface Options" box, on the "More Interface Options" tab.

It seems to be working for me. This is a big help to me as I am generally deleting screenshots in the middle of the thumbnail list. To do this I use the keyboard arrows and shortcuts to select and delete images. Prior to the change I would have to rescroll all the way back to my position in the list. Now I can just pick up where I left off, or navigate to a new position in the list from where I was.  Thanks for the feature.

^I also regularly use thumbnail panel to delete shots, single and multiple. I've had no problems with it mouser.


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