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typing in web browser makes it freeze

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Im running windows 7 x64. I have ie10 and chrome 29.0.1547.66 m. Ive scanned my computer with mse and malwarebytes, neither found anything. Whenever I try to type anything into chrome's adress bar, or in a text box in chrome or ie, the browser will lock up, and I have to force close it. I can however type in ie's address bar without it locking up, but if I try to type in a text box on a webpage, it locks up. I figured, maybe it was my keyboard, so I unplugged it, and tryed using my drawing tablet with the onscreen keyboard. Same result. I dont have any other browsers, so I cant try them, but I can type in windows Explorer and notepad perfectly fine. Any idea what is causing this? (Ps. Typing all this on an android tablet takes forever)

Edit: upon further inspection, I have figured out that it isnt just text boxes, I just have to have the web browser the active window, and as soon as I hit anything on my keyboard, it locks up

Not sure, but I was having similar problems with FF a while back. It came and went as a problem with upgrades. How many versions of Chrome has this been true for?

try toggling 'hardware acceleration' within the browser, i'm not sure what it's called in Chrome.

Ive been running this version of chrome for a little while now, and it just started happening. I looked under the chrome flags page for hardware aceleration, but I couldnt really find anything. I almost think it might not be chrome or ie, because when I tried to log into my origin account, it froze as soon as I typed one letter.

launch IE in safe mode and see if the problem goes away.. might be flash update gone hay-wire.

also check out your event log to see if there is any error events.


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