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The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread

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just for the record, i think cathie's criticisms can be a bit harsh sometimes, but many of her points have some validity, and some have already led to some improvements.  So let's make sure we don't get *too* defensive (which is not to say i don't very much appreciate having SC be defended and praised, because i sure do!).

Let me look into an optional top panel with clearer information about cusor position, selection size, and maybe some grid options.  Surely that's got to be more helpful than the rulers.

I'm not defensive or offended or upset. I have more confidence in mouser then that.

I agree mouser, that you have come up with some useful things out of these posts.

But this is what a troll wants to do. To get folks upset over nothing and forget about the actual real topic. Imply and projecting feelings on to another without any proof of thought from anyone except the one projecting.

I've dealt with worse face to face. This ain't nothing.

Ok but Cathie is a user of the software -- she's taken the time to use it and test new versions.  Let's please let's not be insulting users and calling them names.



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