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The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread

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Thanks.  Tried it in Vista x64.  Mostly works - couple tweaks needed.

Got Odd msg from ? SSC, when change prefs to show rulers, about "out of system resources."  Definitely NOT out - not even close, nor did SSC hang.  After I dismissed msg, went on OK.  Got msg again, but then no more (uh-oh, see below).  Maybe was because closed / reopened the new "ruler version?"  Will see if happens again.

* Yes, it happened again, when resized SSC UI, using SSC "restore down" button.  Every time.  Haven't rebooted, but using portable version - no need.
Doesn't seem to affect anything, except having to dismiss msg.

Lots of uses for rulers, if using some of more advanced capabilities of SSC or similar apps.  That's why many apps in same "class" have them.  See screen for ONE example - are many others - BETTER than quick one I picked.  Maybe choosing exact size for an icon image; placing an object exactly in middle of existing image or 7 px away from edge.  Getting into artistic uses of SSC.  It's not a plain Jane screen cap. app.  

For plain captures w/ simple text box or arrow, rulers aren't much use.
They're about precise measurements - selecting or placement (on images), not for when "eyeballing" is plenty.

Couple things noticed about rulers look / behavior.
1. When 1st opened an existing file (automatically opened by SSC), the rulers  weren't aligned w/ top, L corner of image.  Off by 1/2 in. or more.
After I hit auto fit or "100%" for image size, ruler / image suddenly aligned.  Didn't catch what size the image loaded at - nothing odd about that image.

2. The '0' on ruler is partly cut off.

3. Cursor should probably be diff color than ruler ticks - makes easier to see exact position of cursor cross hair, when lined up w/ a tick mark.

4. Tick mark for every 5th px (or 1/2 in. mark, if allows scale choice) should probably be a bit longer (upward, as at 0, 10, 20...).  Easier / faster to visually find mid value (or other) between marked values.

5. This SSC version allowed me to add a text box that extended past the captured image area (to left)??  Can see when saved, it cut off part of text box.  Don't know if had anything to do w/ ruler not being aligned, but ruler misalignment was for a DIFFERENT image.

Couple of screens - just samples how some apps handle crosshairs / rulers.  100 different ways.

I guess it's useful for what you are using it for, cathie28.

2. The '0' on ruler is partly cut off.
--- End quote ---

That's true of most any ruler, or it would be offset from the hash mark.

I use Screen Calipers from Iconico if I need that type of precision.
Screen Calipers is dedicated to doing what it does, not much more and certainly not less.

I ain't isn't familiar w/ screen calipers, but thanks.  Rulers on image editors (even pdf readers, word processors - w/ image pasting ability) aren't exactly "high tech."  I only gave SOME uses, not that everything had to be a matter of + / - 0.05 px, for them to be useful.  :)  It doesn't have to be for microscopic applications.

You're correct, most rulers (that end at 0), have offset #s.

Sorry about that out-of-resources error, that seems to be something the rulers are causing -- i'm working on it.

Regarding usefulness of ruler, i still dont quite see it.. It seems if you want precise sizing, the text showing you the exact size of your selection at the bottom seems more useful.

Maybe what would really be useful would be an optional top pabel where the horizontal ruler would normally be, showing in large font the position of the cursor, the exact size of selection (in pixels and inches), and the exact size of the current object being manipulated.  Maybe even an option to overlay a grid with a custom origin and grid size?


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