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The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread

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Would it be useful to have a mode where the cursor crosshairs draw full height and width lines? Much like in the region-capture mode?

And I'm still interested in hearing if people think being able to set up a custom grid with a custom size and origin would be useful.. Though please remember that SC is not trying to be a top-echelon illustration tool.

Personally I would rather have editable text fields for origin, width, and height with arrow buttons that also respond to the mouse wheel and keyboard arrow keys. In fact that's typically what I rely on in GIMP.

I'm jut not sure where you would put them or how they should be laid out. A popup dialog? Or maybe a checkbox at the bottom of the window similar to the one at the top for the thumbnail panel.

Well that's sort of what i was proposing for an optional special top panel that would only be shown when you want it -- it would have big text showing exact cursor position, selection size, and some of these control for custom grid.  It would be a sort of "Precise Control" panel, designed to be toggled on when you need to do precise work.  It might also remind you of the keyboard shortcuts for nudging the selection size.

I see it showing:

1. Large font text showing current cursor position in pixels and inches (or cm)
2. Large font text showing selection size in pixels and inches (or cm)
3. Checkbox to enable full-image-size crosshairs.
4. Combobox to set grid mode (None, by size, by divisions).
5. Control to adjust grid horizontal gridsize.
6. Control to adjust grid vertical gridsize.
7. Controls to adjust origin of grid.

Other things it could show:
8. Exact distance of cursor from Right hand and Bottom of image? (would make it easier to get exact middle, etc.)

Now this is a fair amount of work so there's no point in me implementing this unless a bunch of people think it would be useful -- it's certainly not something i would use -- at least not when working with screenshots.  But I'm not against implementing it as an optional thing if people think it would be useful and they don't have any other pet features they want implemented first..

It would also mean you would trade off some image screen space to get this top panel -- you'd lose maybe 75-100 pixels of vertical height that used to be used to show the image.

In my extensive experience that's by far the most efficient approach. However that may be somewhat unique to the mass quantity of screenshots I typically deal with at once since it's normally when I'm working on a big software guide. It also may have something to do with my workflow. I use a Nostromo gamepad to speed up my workflow.

Sort of like Douglas Englebart's MOAD presentation in '68. Ironically I hadn't heard of it when I started working this way.

We have been debating the value of adding some sort of ruler functionality to Screenshot Captor in a few threads.

There are people who believe rulers would be very useful, and there are others, like me, who don't yet understand the usefulness of them.

I'm hoping we can consolidate the discussion into this thread, and focus on what actual tasks are being done that might benefit from some kind of ruler functionality, and then decide what kind of optional tool i can add to SC that would best help people perform these tasks.

This might mean adding rulers (fixed or floating?) or adding some kind of special panel with extra information, or a customizable grid, etc.

Or it may simply mean finding an external ruler/measuring tool and creating a helpful .sctool entry for it to make it super easy for people to use from within Screenshot Captor.

I think the first step is for people who want "rulers" to help me understand what kind of rulers they think would be useful and what kinds of tasks they would use them for inside SC; and let's try to think outside the box and figure out if a ruler is what is really needed or if something else might help even more with these tasks..


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