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The Great Screenshot Captor Ruler Debate Thread

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We have been debating the value of adding some sort of ruler functionality to Screenshot Captor in a few threads.

There are people who believe rulers would be very useful, and there are others, like me, who don't yet understand the usefulness of them.

I'm hoping we can consolidate the discussion into this thread, and focus on what actual tasks are being done that might benefit from some kind of ruler functionality, and then decide what kind of optional tool i can add to SC that would best help people perform these tasks.

This might mean adding rulers (fixed or floating?) or adding some kind of special panel with extra information, or a customizable grid, etc.

Or it may simply mean finding an external ruler/measuring tool and creating a helpful .sctool entry for it to make it super easy for people to use from within Screenshot Captor.

I think the first step is for people who want "rulers" to help me understand what kind of rulers they think would be useful and what kinds of tasks they would use them for inside SC; and let's try to think outside the box and figure out if a ruler is what is really needed or if something else might help even more with these tasks..

^is the ruler measuring the pixels?

I do not see the benefit of adding things to SC that are not useful. Please do not make SC a candy coated bloatware memory hog like so many others have done.


It's measuring pixels yes.
And yeah i'm inclined to not include this ruler thing -- certainly it wouldn't be enabled by default; like i said i just cannot understand how it would be useful.

While I still think the rulers seem pretty useless, i'm open to ideas for either how to make them useful, or some alternative thing that might be more useful.

For example, while the current selection size is shown on the bottom statusbar, i'm open to the idea of an optional larger panel above the image (where the top horizontal ruler would show) that has in larger font information about current cursor location and selection size in pixels and inches/cm.

Maybe if i could hear some use cases for using a ruler..


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