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Problem with Preferences shortcut



Been a user of SSC for a couple of months and finding it better and better as I discover new things  :)

I do however have a problem with the Preferences shortcut - Ctrl-Alt-o . It so happens that I need this combination for entering the Polish character รณ (o with an accent) and so when adding captions etc I often end up activating the preferences dialogue instead of continuing to type ... Would it be possible to give the user the option to disable or override this shortcut assignment somehow? I was hoping the ini files would have an option but to no avail.

Thanks for any consideration you can give to this request. And thanks for the great apps and most friendly site :)

Sounds like maybe I need to remove that shortcut (or make it customizable).

Thanks! Either way would be really neat!

My problem solved in version 4.7.2. Thanks a lot.


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