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HTML or ?? script for list display on website with transition effects


I need a way to display a list of maybe 100 names.  I have tried quite a few and the best seem to be using FLASH but most are for creating an entire website while I just need a small window of maybe 30PX high by 400px wide with a script to read from a text file list of names and display them in the window.  The display effect would be nice if it could vary which is why using FLASH was so tempting as there are multiple commercial programs to do exactly that in a slideshow of photos.  And I may have to resort to creating jpegs of the names in order to achieve what I need for transitioning. 
It just seems there should be a simpler way to do it.  Anything unique would work. 
I had thought of using a "ripple" effect like a wave moving across the window that changed one name to the next but... I do not know how to create that.
If anyone could even point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it


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