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I am unable to determine th URL of Costa del Mar Radio

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I just downloaded and installed URL Snooper v2. I entered in the address bar of my browser

Subsequently I started URL Snooper. I returned two URL, one related to Adobe Flash, and this one:</streamurl>

I know that Costa del Mar Radio is hosted by radionomy, an Streaming hoster in Brussels, Belgium.

But when i copy and paste the URL in Windows Note and save it as a .m3u file and subsequently import it the .m3u file as a playlist, it's not recognised by my Media Center (I have JRiver Media Center 18).

So, something is wrong in that URL. I'm for sure it is the stream URL that is missing (</streamurl<

Any idea how I can determine how that stream URL looks like?

I don't know exactly the Forum conventions on referring to a product or a web embedded site. If that is forbidden, I request an Administrator to delete it, in the hope that still a Forum member will read it on time and can advise.

Kind regards,

If you right click the .m3u URL you supplied and save the target, you get a .m3u file with the following contents:

Yes, all the lines are the same.

Open your .m3u file in a text editor and see if it matches.

Hi App103;
well i had forgotten that, but I already attempted to import it as playlist in JRMedia Server. This is not the first time I'm doing this. I have downloaded some 50 .pls files and .m3u files from (particularly the Europe site). So, I was able to find the best of the best Internet Radio stations. However many others are not listed because there are thousands and thousand of Internet Radio Stations.

I was able for instance to reengineer (sounds scientific, but is was more of a trial and error method) the m3u file for ABC Love (which also is hosted by radionomy. And I could do so, because about a year ago I was able to download the m3u file of ABC Lounge, hosted by radionomy.

And the m3u file of ABC Lounge really Looks different from the file as you mentioned above. It must resemble like this:

So, it needs a streaming Server mentioned and a port. I attempted to edit this likewise for Costa del Mar, but in vain. That was the reason i was looking for an app which could determine that, hence i downloaded URL Snooper V2

There must be a way to find out the direct URL of the streamer of Costa del Mar, IMHO.

Anymore suggestions?

Well, I entered the URL now in another Media Center et voila, there it works!

So, I the Problem must be in JRiver Media Center.

App103, thanks for your Support!

You're welcome!  :)


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