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Screenshot Capture Benefits

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Taking some time here to try to list the many benefits of Screenshot Capture.
Mainly because mouser is too modest to start a thread like this.

Most if not all other Screenshot programs have already chosen most of the options for you, and they are not changeable. Mouser's Screenshot Capture has many options to choose from, which means mouser's Screenshot Capture will do exactly what you want it to do.

Yes, you will have to learn what you want Screenshot Capture to do. It's not hard and worth the effort of the user.

A new feature of Screenshot Capture is the Caption section of mouser's program. It's in it's infancy, and as more is added to this feature, I'm quite certain that Captions will have plenty of sub-features to choose from (it already has a few). And, yes, you might have to learn a little about captions, but it will be worth it.

One of the major benefits of mouser's Screenshot Capture is it's low resource usage while idling and in use. It does what you tell it to do and then gets out of the way, sitting in the tray, not burning needed resources, ready to be called on without having to load anything else.

Please add more as you see fit.

Very sweet of you to start this topic, even if you end up being the only poster :)


another benefit of SC is that it is user contributed
Screenshot Capture is built with the help of it's users

And the help file is live here at the forum 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

OK, I thought i was through here, but I cannot not respond to this.  Screenshot Capture is the most complex capture program I've seen on the Internet, and I was here before there was a World Wide Web.  That complexity means two (2) things:  amazing adaptability; study is required (anyone remember matrix math in high school?).  That darned complexity that ya hafta study means an adaptability to purpose - whatever yours might be - that simply does not exist in other examples of the genre that have come across my screen.  And, then, there's the horrendous  :-\ support issue(s).  Someone makes a request, and it's usually fulfilled within a day or two (2).  Sometimes longer, but very seldom.  I've not dealt with any other software, of any kind, with that kind of developer response.  (Sure, it may exist - but I haven't been exposed to it  :o.)  As long as DC and mouser are here, this will continue to be cock o' the walk.


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