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Removing Exit feature


hello again,

really appreciate the other features I've requested you implemented recently.

Have two questions;

I made a special 'close and exit' feature - the reason is this, my app since in a hidden Truecrypt volume called X: on a USB stick.   
This process does the following:-
- Force quit various applications (Chrome, VLC player, 3x different bible apps)
- Close Launchbar commander using dedicated new feature
- Close any Windows explorer windows (this would stop below from working otherwise)
- Unmount Truecrypt X: volume

Now it looks a bit silly to have two exit buttons, and I need to train my users to always exit the specific way, otherwise it might damage the encrypted volume.

I'd be happy to document to others here if they wanted to design something similar to what I have created.

One other question, would it be very difficult to add support for non-European languages?   if I change the name to some of the menus to another language like Arabic or Hebrew it comes out as ??????    Its something I'm vaguely thinking of adding for xbible 2.0 but that won't be for a long time.


oops, point I was making, was I would like to disable the default 'exit' button

thats all :)


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