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Making a new page of "DonationCoder's Favorite Web Sites" - suggestions?

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Rock solid hardware and software news and in-depth reviews - primarily with an eye towards use with Linux, BSD and Solaris - however, the hardware reviews are of equal of value to anyone in the Windows world. Whenever I'm building for (any platform) I always check to see if Phoronix has done a review on anything in my BOM.


Wanna talk hardware? These guys know hardware. :Thmbsup:

A Message from Anand

I started AnandTech as a hobby on April 26, 1997. Back then it was called Anand's Hardware Tech Page, and it was hosted on a now-defunct free hosting service called Geocities. I was 14 at the time and simply wanted to share what I knew, which admittedly wasn't much, with others on the web.

In those days PCs were very expensive and you could often save a good amount of money buying components and building your own. We have our roots in reviewing PC components and technologies.

Today the definition of what constitutes a PC is much broader than it has ever been. I look at smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, Macs, notebooks and of course desktops as PCs or more generally - computers. They all have a CPU, GPU, memory and some form of storage. These devices mostly vary in terms of how powerful they are and how you interact with them, but the components are all the same. The one thing we've done consistently since 1997 is evaluate all of these components and the devices that implement them.

In the beginning you could classify AnandTech as a motherboard review site. I reviewed over 200 motherboards on my own before we got our first motherboard editor. From motherboards we moved to CPUs then video cards (later: GPUs). We added storage, memory, cases and display reviews. Full systems came next: notebooks and desktops became part of our review repertoire. As Apple began using more of the same components we were already reviewing in its machines, we began reviewing Macs as well. As smartphones and tablets did the same, we added them to the list. We can't (and won't) review everything, but we will review those products and technologies that we can lend our methodologies and expertise to.

Today AnandTech serves the needs of readers looking for reviews on PC components, smartphones, tablets, pre-built desktops, notebooks, Macs and enterprise/cloud computing technologies. We are the largest independent technology website doing all of this with over 12 million unique readers per month.

We are a small business with big traffic and ambitions. We have accepted no external investments and thankfully answer to no one but our readers. We are motivated by one thing and one thing only: doing right by you.
--- End quote ---

MSFN Forum for a lot of info on unattended Windows installs and general Windows help/discussion.
Reboot Pro for WinPE information and build programs.

Not to mention AutoIt and AutoHotkey.


Saved my bacon more than a few times with strangeness in development.


There's a whole wealth of information on a whole host of subjects on stack exchange, and experts (and not) of all stripes willing to answer questions.


Based on my experience, many people rely on that website to solve computer infections.


Very useful !

"ProcessLibrary is a free resource by Uniblue Systems Ltd. that provides information about processes and DLLs running or found on Windows PCs. It features an extensive and regularly updated database with over 195,000 entries and counting."


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