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Making a new page of "DonationCoder's Favorite Web Sites" - suggestions?

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The aforementioned Ghacks of course, for good discussions on PIMs, outliners and lastly mine ..... kidding (even if good it's in hiatus)

If you want to make something, build something - just about anything, then check


I see Instructables just got a guernsey, so I have to throw into the ring.

Not quite the same as instructables, but lots of info and ideas on some truly amazing projects being done by ordinary (and not so ordinary) folk.

The official Raspberry Pi  :-* website -

Nuff said? ;)

Aeclectic Tarot - are you into Tarot and other oracle card decks either as a collector, practitioner, or true believer? If so, Aeclectic Tarot is THE site for news, reviews, essays, and preview images for just about every tarot and oracle deck out there, including unpublished, limited edition collectible and rare decks.
-40hz (September 07, 2013, 10:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

This one looks different.

I studied Tarot for a couple of years under the "conservative" school where it was just a system of metaphors, not some magical way to predict the future. Just recently I have undergone the "Crashing Tower" moment from the Major Arcana, so a bit of minor interest has been rekindled, though I'm now too pulled in many directions to give it the depth of study I once did. But it's worth a nice month's project!

The art was always huge for me, in Tarot work. So sorry to say for example "today's" deck picks, (in the web sense of Thurs 11-7-2013, not the "biz sense" spanning 30 years of "today") just look terrible to me. I am just about to get some stuff out of storage, and I think that includes about five Tarot decks.

I use variants of the "upside down card = modified meaning" systems. But I'm so rusty on my "interpretation systems", and actually having moved to NY City, there are "themes" that those old school books don't cover, so I might be due for a cutting edge new Tarot book medium soon!


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